Why become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing has become a popular method to monetize a website or to be the gateway to starting an online business. Its popularity is due, in part, to the fact that it is really easy to become an Internet affiliate or, in this case, an IPTV affiliate.
The Internet is a big place and being an affiliate for something that doesn’t ring true for you can be a big mistake.
Do you have an existing blog dealing with a specific subject matter similar to the IPTV niche? Are you a member of local clubs or organizations and connected with a lot of people? Make sure that the television market is one that you are passionate about because IPTV is a real thing at the right time if you have a will and energy to do it.

According to the Yahoo Finance study, streaming IPTV viewers very soon could surpass traditional Pay TV viewers.
Traditional TV viewing could take a backseat to IPTV streaming as soon as two to three years from now, according to a new report.
Data indicates that four million Americans have cut the cord so far in 2019, moving from traditional Pay TV (cable or satellite television subscriptions). That’s happened after 3.5 million people gave up traditional Pay TV video subscriptions in 2018. Consumers who are already streaming include Cord Cutters, TV households that previously had Pay TV, Cord Shavers who may pay for traditional cable but have reduced their package in the last few years, and Cord Nevers, those who have never had Pay TV.

New findings show that a new generation of Cord Cutters or IPTV viewers has emerged. Analysis indicates shifts in attitudes, behaviors and, most importantly, viewership among the new generation of Cord Cutters. Essentially, their viewing behavior more closely mirrors that of average mainstream TV viewers, but this new generation of Cord Cutters took the initiative to seek out better value and choice in how they consume TV.

The study points to five factors that are driving the acceleration of cord-cutting including:
Virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs) offer a bridge for consumers who want to cut the cord but don’t want to miss out on the network and live TV programming that traditional Pay-TV services offer. When consumers become aware that they can stream the same live local channels, including sports, news, reality, and top network channels with an electronic programming guide (EPG) and video on demand (VOD) at a reduced price, some of their barriers to cord-cutting are removed.
An abundance of high-quality content is available through streaming.
Of those surveyed for the study, 74 percent say that IPTV streaming is more convenient than Pay TV services and 89 percent report that using a streaming device is very easy.

Increasingly, cable and satellite companies are devoting less effort to trying to retain low-margin video subscribers.
IPTV customers rank the highest for satisfaction among Cord Cutters.
This report shows there is a huge, new generation of streamers who enjoy live IPTV and are extremely satisfied with the decision to watch TV without cable or satellite.

The conclusion from the study is that the shift to IPTV streaming is more and more popular and growing faster than ever before.